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« on: October 18, 2012, 03:50:39 PM »
SENstore LIVE is a report writing tool for teachers and Educational Psychologists who work with children who have Additional Learning Needs.

It has been designed so it can be accessed via a web browser using  just about any computer, tablet or smartphone. No need for messy installations programs and you get the latest version every day!

It can save you lots of precious time, as it really streamlines report writing!

We've also added a range of new report comments, and you can easily edit these or add your own - just type them in once and they're easily accessible for all future reports - no more "re-inventing the wheel" for every report!

It's also easier to enter and report on Standardised Test Scores - we have built in sample comments for commonly used tests + you can add your own.

You can also use it with just about any wordprocessor, as you simply copy and paste the whole report from a web page or just the sections you want.

We've included a time saving Auto Fill (Magic Link) feature which (if selected) will automatically suggest comments you may wish to use to address a pupil difficulty you have selected.

The program is accessed via a password protected forum page. That means that you only need one username and password to access the program and also get help, give feedback and share ideas with other users.

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