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New Lesson Observation App LORA
« on: February 19, 2015, 08:34:09 PM »

Our latest app LORA takes the hassle out of whole lesson observation and recording.
Inspired by the OPTIC (Observing Pupils and Teachers In Classrooms) research of Merrett and Wheldall, LORA analyses all the behaviours and compares the results for a focus person,  their group, other groups and the whole class.

LORA is really easy to use - just enter the behaviour(s) you are interested in, then observe each group in turn when prompted and tap the screen to record the behaviour.
You can also take notes along the way and LORA automatically adds in the elapsed time and number of the group being observed on each occasion. At the end of your observation, just open the Summary and Notes screens then copy and paste the results into an email, wordprocessor or spreadsheet of your choice!

If you have already signed up to our forum as a *beta tester for CORA then we have already given you access to LORA - this will now appear in your program list when you log in.

If you haven't and you'd  like to help us out with *beta testing, please contact us

There are some sample screenshots below to whet your appetite, and we've uploaded a demonstration/instructional video to our YouTube channel.

1) Main program screen:

2) Summary output (including analysis of data and Classroom Plan):

3) Notes output screen:

and just in case you haven't worked it out yet, it's Lesson Observation and Recording App  ;D

*BETA TESTING - what does that mean?
Our Beta testers get free access to the programs

In return they:
  • test the programs out in a variety of settings
  • post any details of problems in our forum
  • post suggestions in our forum for alterations, additions or other improvements to the programs
so that these programs become as good as they can for all of us!

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